Redskins Enter Thursday Night’s Game As Season-High Underdogs

By | October 24, 2019
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“He who shall not be named” at quarterback is coming back to town this evening, leading the Minnesota Vikings against the Washington Redskins in tonight’s Thursday Night Football match-up.

And while Kirk Cousins has been far more diplomatic — at least publicly — about the situation, the bookmakers believe the outcome of this game will end up rather lopsided, with the Redskins on the other end of yet another trouncing.

Washington enters the game as anywhere between 16 and 16.5-point underdogs tonight, which is not only the largest point spread for any Week 8 game (even more than the 14.5 points the Pittsburgh Steelers are favored by over the Miami Dolphins as of Wednesday afternoon), but also the largest point spread the Redskins have been predicted to lose by this season. Even against the mighty New England Patriots, Washington finished somewhere around 15 to 15.5-point underdogs.

Interestingly enough, that’s the only game in which the Redskins were predicted to lose by double-digits, and ended up doing so. The two other times that the Redskins were predicted to lose by more than 10 points (Week 1 against Philadelphia and Week 7 against San Francisco), Washington’s opponents failed to cover those spread.

Washington is 2-5 against the spread this year overall. Meanwhile, the Vikings come into this game having covered their spread for each of the past three weeks, and four times in the past five weeks.

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