Podcast: The Washington Football Team’s Top Needs In The 2021 Offseason, Part 2

By | February 11, 2021
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Burgundy and Cold image stating "Washington Football Team Offseason Preview Part 2"

HTTD’s Rajan Nanavati and Pat Rice return for Part 2 of their 2021 Offseason Preview for the Washington Football team, discussing the team’s second and third biggest need to address this offseason: the wide receiver and linebacker spot(s).

At linebacker, they discuss:

  • the current group of Washington linebackers (4:17)
  • potential upgrades via free agency at the position (10:46)
  • their respective favorite linebackers in the NFL Draft for Washington (25:38)

At wide receiver, they talk about

  • the state of the current group (31:35)
  • their top preferences among the premier free agent options (41:55)
  • potential options — or lack thereof — in the NFL Draft (53:52)

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