Whispers Of Bruce Allen’s Dismissal Are Becoming Increasingly Louder

By | December 9, 2019
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With the Washington Redskins having been all but eliminated from the playoffs yesterday, after their 20-15 loss to the Green Bay Packers, the defeat may have yielded one silver lining: a significantly increased likelihood of an imminent dismissal of highly-reviled team President Bruce Allen.

As most fans know, such a notion moved closer towards a reality after the Mike Garafolo report, coupled with the recent Trent Williams’ exposé in the Washington Post. Such sentiments were further echoed in a report by Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports:

Allen’s role in the organization remains of vital importance to coaching candidates, with the team’s personnel and record failing under his leadership. Sources said Dan Snyder is beginning to understand the gravity of his situation and that major changes could be coming to the Skins front office this week.

If all the buzz on social media this Monday morning are to believed, we may be closer to that moment than at any other point in the past decade. Some Redskins insiders on social media have confirmed that the wheels are effectively in motion for such a parting of ways, and that such a decision could happen as early as this week (if not sooner).

The local beat reporters for the Redskins have been more measured in any statements pointing to Allen’s ouster, but even JP Finlay of NBC Sports Washington — while still remaining measured, given Snyder’s history — conceded that “[i]t’s getting harder and harder to see a scenario where Bruce Allen is with the Redskins in 2020” (and confirmed that it’s very possible something happens in the next week or so):

Well, if a major move is going to happen in the front office, the track record suggests it could happen soon. Now that the Redskins are officially eliminated from the playoffs, any reservations about holding off for a miracle 2019 finish have ended.

This story is obviously not finished. The last chapter, or chapters, aren’t written. Allen has withstood significant challenges before in his tenure as Redskins team president. This does feel different though.

As La Canfora (and others) have stated, there is a growing belief that, in a matter of days, news could (or will) emerge of a “mutual parting” between Allen and the Redskins organization, although that would really be a dog-and-pony show covering up the fact that he’s being pushed out the door.

Including the final three games of the 2009 season, Bruce Allen currently holds a 62-97-1 record in his current Czar-like capacity with the Redskins. In a city that has had its share of loathed sports executives, including Vinny Cerrato (Allen’s predecessor) and Ernie Grunfeld, Allen may have surpassed both — with flying colors — as the most universally despised figure in our nation’s capital; sports, or even otherwise.

So if such a move does happen this week, expect celebrations that could potentially rival the recent parades for the Championship-winning Washington Capitals and/or Washington Nationals.

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