Report: Jay Gruden could be fired after a Redskins loss to the New England Patriots

By | October 1, 2019
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It’s no secret that, for the seemingly hapless Washington Redskins, keeping the outcome of their game on Sunday versus the New England Patriots from being an abject disaster is a seemingly Herculean task.

But if the report(s) out of Bristol, Connecticut are true, failure to complete such a monumental task will cost Jay Gruden his job.

According to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith:

Jay Gruden is going to get fired next week. Is it definitive? One cannot say that because Daniel Snyder doesn’t have a history of letting a coach go in-season.

Daniel Snyder knows what everybody else knows: Jay Gruden has quit on the Washington Redskins. Everybody in the building knows it. They expect him to be fired. He expects him to be fired. It is a foregone conclusion… as to whether or not that’s going to happen.

Last night was the first time I had heard, this could very well happen next Monday after a predicted loss at the hands of the New England Patriots.

While many fans will question the credibility of one of ESPN’s more “gaseous” (to put it politely) talking heads, don’t sleep on the fact that Smith has a good relationship with team President Bruce Allen. Allen is notorious for ducking literally any interview requested by the DC-area media and/or beat writers who cover the team, but granted an on-air interview to Smith right after the 2019 NFL Draft, touting the Redskins’ first round selections of quarterback Dwayne Haskins and edge rusher Montez Sweat.

It’s not beyond Allen at all to conveniently leak this type of information through people with large platform like Smith — especially in the form of a public smear campaign (like saying that everyone believes Gruden has quit on the team). He did it with Scot McCloughan after that working relationship began to fizzle, and then the same with Kirk Cousins when it became clear the quarterback would not be re-signing with the Redskins. In other words, there’s a precedent for this.

By painting the narrative that Gruden “quit” on the team, Allen is once again trying to absolve himself — and Snyder, by association — of any blame for the Redskins’ abysmal start to the season (and increasingly bleak outlook for the remainder of it). The prevailing sentiment seems to be that Snyder & Allen believe they provided Gruden with enough talent to field a competitive team (Allen repeatedly pointed to the fact that this team is largely the same as the one that started 6-2 last year), and the coaches are failing to hold up their end of the bargain.

Simply put: another day, another circus in Redskins Park.


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