Capital One Changes Their Logo In Support Of The Washington Capitals

By | May 31, 2018
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Do you bank with Capital One? If so, then you might have noticed a slightly different logo on the company’s homepage, when you logged in to your bank account online.

That’s because the Capital One Financial Corporation (NYSE: COF), headquartered right here in McLean, Virginia, has changed its logo to resemble the old school “Capitals” logo, to support DC’s professional hockey team as they compete in their second Stanley Cup Finals in franchise history.Richard Fairbank, the company’s founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), is just like one of us: a huge hockey fan who had season tickets to the Capitals (and Wizards) for over a decade. Sure, there’s a few small differences between him and us — you know, like him being worth approximately $1.1 billion, and being a minority owner in the team — but we don’t like to let little details like that in get in the way of a great story.

Back in October of 2017, Monumental Sports and Entertainment — the company owned by Ted Leonsis, which owns and operates the Washington Capitals and Washington Wizards — announced a partnership with Capital One, with the banking titan procuring the naming rights to home arena for both teams downtown.

But said investment brought about so much more than a big logo slapped on the side of the building. In addition to implementing a whole host of forward-thinking technology wrinkles all over the stadium, Capital One gives all cardholders — credit or debit — a whole host of little perks all over the arena, when they pay for things with said card. Such perks include 10% off future game and group tickets, 20% off retail transactions the team store in the Arena and at retail stands (as well as a 50% discount on one pre-selected item per game at the Arena Team Store), and a 10% discount on all food from permanent concession stands in the arena (and to answer your question: yes, this discount does apply to beer as well; I speak from personal experience).

On top of all of that, here’s my favorite perk: there’s an entrance on the East side, right next to the media and player’s entrance, which most people tend to overlook; most people think this is a private/reserved entrance, so they avoid it altogether. Take advantage of this misconception; you can save yourself from LOADS of time waiting in line to get into the stadium by going in this entrance. The usual pre-game routine for my friends and I includes grabbing a bite and a few drinks at Penn Commons (about one block up 6th Street going towards Chinatown), then shooting over to this side entrance about 30 minutes before the game, and walking into the arena with almost no time spent in line.

After hosting two (free) viewing parties for Games 1 and 2 of the Stanley Cup, which filled up the entire 20,500-seat arena, the fans will get to Rock the Red on Saturday evening for a real-live game, when the Capitals return home for Game 3 of the Finals against the Las Vegas Golden Knights; the puck is scheduled to drop at 8:00pm. Given the over-the-top theatricality we saw in Vegas, preceding Games 1 and 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals, lord only knows how charged up things will be at Capital One Arena on Saturday evening. We’re already talking about what’s easily the loudest and most raucous “game day” experience that the nation’s capital has to offer, and with this being the first time one of the “big four” Washington, D.C. professional sports teams has made the league Finals in two decades, expect things to be absolutely bananas.

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