Podcast: The “Other” Additions To The Washington Football Team Via The 2021 NFL Draft

By | May 17, 2021
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Pictures of players selected by the Washington Football Team in the 2021 NFL Draft: Sam Cosmi, Dyami Brown, Benjamin St. Juste, John Bates, William Bradley King, and Shaka Toney.

In Part 2 in their recap of the selections made by the Washington Football Team in the 2021 NFL Draft, HTTD’s Rajan Nanavati and Pat Rice discuss the team’s picks in Rounds 2 through 7, plus its lone undrafted free agent acquisition.

Specifically, they talk(ed) about:

  • Ron Rivera clearly building the WFT around his long-term vision (2:45)
  • the undersized but highly-productive Jarrett Patterson being a legit possibility to make the team (9:43)
  • 7th round picks Shaka Toney and William Bradley-King potentially having a “Day 1” impact (24:28)
  • the freakish athletic profile plus special teams awesomeness of safety Darrick Forrest (35:04)
  • John Bates being a deep sleeper-type pick in the fourth round (40:52)
  • third-round pick Dyami Brown making Washington’s offense that much more potentially lethal (48:41)
  • the boom-or-bust “project” pick that is cornerback Benjamin St-Juste (1:02:17)
  • why Samuel Cosmi was an excellent value pick being overlooked through mostly no fault of his own (1:12:42)


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