Podcast: The Future Of Kirk Cousins And The Redskins

By | December 6, 2017
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HTTD’s Rajan Nanavati and Dash Kannan talk to Greg Bishop of Sports Illustrated magazine, discussing Bishop’s brilliant feature story for the magazine on Cousins, and Cousins’ future in Washington.

Conversation topics include:

  • The real reason Kirk Cousins didn’t sign an extension with the Redskins before the 2017 season (7:27)
  • How Cousins views Jay Gruden’s offense, and the talent around him (12:55)
  • Where Cousins ranks among the NFL’s starting quarterbacks (15:53)
  • If there’s any “bad blood” between Cousins and the current Redskins regime (21:00)
  • How the national narrative is still reluctant to accept Cousins as a franchise quarterback (26:31)
  • What Cousins teammates think of him and how they respond to him (29:29)
  • The #1 factor that will determine whether Cousins will stay in DC after this season. (37:00).

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