Podcast: NBA Draft 2016 and Trades Recap

By | June 27, 2016
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Rajan, John, and Neel reconvene for a podcast after the 2016 NBA Draft, to break down the trades made before and during the draft, and discuss their favorite moves.

Highlights include:

  • Neel delivering his eulogy for the Derrick Rose era in Chicago, from the perspective of a Bulls fan (2:09)
  • Questioning Orlando’s logic for acquiring Serge Ibaka (12:34)
  • Projecting how scary the Oklahoma City Thunder could be in 2016-2017 (15:00)
  • Rajan lambasting the Boston Celtics for, yet again, not making a trade (24:35)
  • Our collective final thoughts on the 2016 NBA Finals (35:02)
  • The landscape of the Eastern Conference for 2016-2017 (49:48)
  • Multiple teams being dumb enough to offer Jan Vesely a big free agent contract (57:52)
  • The move San Antonio could make in Free Agency to swing the balance of power in the NBA (1:22:42)

Listen Here:

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