Podcast: NBA 2016 Free Agency Review

By | July 25, 2016
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Neel rejoins the podcast to help provide the HTTD’s hoops trio’s collective final thoughts on the 2016 NBA Free Agency period. 

Discussion topics include:

  • Overall thoughts on Kevin Durant signing with the Golden State Warriors (2:09)
  • Comparing the 2016 Warriors to the 2010 Heat (10:40)
  • Russell Westbrook’s future in Oklahoma City (17:55)
  • The terrible free agent moves by the Chicago Bulls (23:49)
  • Derrick Rose idiotically comparing the Knicks to the Warriors (34:39)
  • What’s left of Dwayne Wade at this point in his career (40:37)
  • Neel’s thoughts on the Wizards in 2016 (45:23)

Listen Here:

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