Podcast: NBA Megadiscussion

By | April 20, 2016
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Is Stephen Curry the most likable superstar in sports?

Is Stephen Curry the most likable superstar in sports?

An-uber loaded NBA podcast filled with discussion about the Washington Wizards, NBA Playoffs, Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers, and so much more.

In part 1, Rajan talks to Keely Diven of CSN Mid-Atlantic about:

  • LeBron James’ social media sniping (5:04)
  • a lack of chemistry between John Wall and Bradley Beal (7:10)
  • an under-discussed reason Randy Wittman was fired (11:01)
  • who won’t be the Wizards head coach next year (15:03)
  • the incredible likability of the Golden State Warriors (31:53)
  • Stephen Curry being a “normal guy” (37:19)
  • the life of a sports journalist (46:23)

In part 2, Rajan is rejoined by good friends Neel and John to discuss the NBA playoffs, including:

  • the strange construction of the Charlotte Hornets (1:05:31)
  • predicting the Raptors losing in Round 1 (1:10:08)
  • whether a new LeBron-lead superteam is possible (1:20:35)
  • the biggest threat to Cleveland in the East (1:33:19)
  • our first team All-NBA ballots (1:49:20)

Listen Here:

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