Podcast: NBA Finals 2017 Recap and Offseason Look Ahead

By | June 15, 2017
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Rajan is rejoined by good friends and fellow basketball fans Neel and John, to provide their wrap-up thoughts on the 2017 NBA Finals, and to take a look ahead at what could be a very interesting offseason in the NBA.

Listen Here:

Discussion topics include:

  • If Golden State losing game in the Finals takes away from their spot in history (3:24)
  • LeBron James is still, unquestionably, the best basketball player on the planet (8:26)
  • Why you can’t root against Kevin Durant for joining the Golden State Warriors (13:22)
  • How this Golden State team stacks up against other historically great teams (29:41)
  • If Golden State can keep this team together as their top players approach free agency (38:14)
  • Players the Cavaliers could add, in order to dethrone the Warriors (51:26)
  • How the Philadelphia 76ers are the most interesting team in the 2017 NBA Draft (1:01:40).

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