NFL 2017 Week 10 Lines and Picks

By | November 9, 2017
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Once again, another mediocre week for me, which somewhat represents most NFL teams this year other than the Patriots, Steelers, Chiefs, Eagles, Rams, Vikings, and Saints.

It’s going to be a weird stretch of seven weeks to end this season.

(Picks in bold)

Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals (+6) — Adrian Peterson seems to be the only guy on the Cardinals’ offense that seems to be consistent, and considering the fact that Seahawks don’t let anyone run on them, this could be a long day for Arizona.

Minnesota Vikings at Washington Redskins (+1.5) — The Redskins’ four losses this season are to the Chiefs, Cowboys, and twice to the Eagles. All of these teams have very potent offenses with incredibly effective quarterback play. Considering the Vikings don’t, expect the Redskins to win a low-scoring game. I know this may seem like a homer pick, but I do think that win over the Seahawks was indicative of the next few games for Jay Gruden’s bunch especially as they start to get healthier.

Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears (-5) — The Bears are favored by 5. That’s all you need to know about how much Aaron Rodgers means to the Green Bay organization. Expect the Bears to run and run often.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Indianapolis Colts (+10) — The Colts have quit on Chuck Pagano and Chris Ballard has a much larger problem on his plate in Andrew Luck’s future.

Los Angeles Chargers at Jacksonville Jaguars (-4) — The Jaguars at some point, are going to have to win a game when they are faced with multiple 3rd and longs. This may be that week. The Chargers’ defense is going to be a challenge for the Jacksonville run game.

New York Jets at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+2.5) — Similar to the situation in Indianapolis, the Buccaneers have quit on Dirk Koetter. Jameis Winston should not have been playing with a sore shoulder and without Mike Evans this week, they really don’t have a chance against a surprisingly respectable Bills team.

Cincinnati Bengals at Tennessee Titans (-4.5) — The Bengals are close to being the worst team on offense and defense and simply don’t have the ball enough for them to do anything. The underutilization of Joe Mixon and AJ Green is mindboggling and this may be the inauspicious end of the mercurial Marvin Lewis era.

New Orleans Saints at Buffalo Bills (+2.5) — I expect the Bills to bounce back in a big way after laying an egg against the Jets last week. This will be a true test of the change in culture under Sean McDermott.

Cleveland Browns at Detroit Lions (-12) — Is this the week the Browns win? No.

Houston Texans at Los Angeles Rams (-12) — The Rams will win this game, but this will be a bit closer than people think. Tom Savage started making plays at the end of the game last week and I expect the Texans to institute more of that gameplan.

Dallas Cowboys at Atlanta Falcons (-3) — This is a make or break week for the Falcons. I expect to see Julio Jones post gaudy stats.

New York Giants at San Francisco 49ers (+1) — Do I really have to pick this game? Eli Manning is still better than CJ Beathard, but San Francisco’s front four could be dangerous. I’m picking the Giants, but please don’t bet on this game.

New England Patriots at Denver Broncos (+7.5) — The Broncos have historically played Tom Brady well, but Brock Osweiler is starting again so there’s that.

Miami Dolphins at Carolina Panthers (-9) — Please get the Dolphins off my TV, fam.

Week 9 Record: 5-7-1
Season To Date: 56-73-3


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